How Hair Loss Happens

It can be challenging to figure out why you suddenly or gradually are losing more hair than usual, especially if you are in the middle of a period of high hair loss. Female - Hair loss is a common cause of hair thinning in women, but it is also common in men as they grow older, a new study shows. 

Men tend to lose hair at the hairline, on the forehead and at the top and back of the head, but women do not, although hereditary hair loss can cause this in some cases.  

Women often suffer from general thinning all over their head and or a noticeable concentration of hair loss straddling the part in the hair. 

If there is a pattern of hair loss in your family on either your mother’s or on your father’s side of their families, you most probably have inherited hereditary hair loss, as the hair being lost is not being replaced at the same speed as you are losing hair, as is normal. Therefore your hair thinning becomes more and more noticeable as each year goes by.  

Genetics plays a crucial role in many of the causes of hair loss, but 95% of most hair loss problems, leading to eventual baldness, are caused by hereditary hair loss. Provided that Hereditary Baldness is not left too long, it can be successfully treated by regular at home sessions with the LLLT iGrow Hair Regrowth Laser Helmet Device. However once the hair growing cells cease completely to be active, leading to a shiny hairless scalp, nothing can be done to regrow your own hair other than possibly very expensive Hair Transplantation.

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